The trend theme sustainability of 2mag is not only a short-living term of a current spirit of time but a concept and philosophy since the founding in 2007. At the beginning as we designed our products, we thought highly of a maximal reliability, quality, durability and low lifecycle costs.

Convince yourself of the sustainability and the value of 2mag magnetic stirrers:

STIRRING-DRYBATH-8-250-ERL-Beautyshot nachhaltigkeit Bwirbel mini
   Longlife quality due to hermetically closed stainless steel housings, completely sealed
wirbel mini   2mag magnetic stirring drives are water-, dust- and germ-proofed and even in some cases pressure-/vacuum-tight
wirbel mini   100% wear- and maintenance-free
wirbel mini   High efficiency, 30 - 40% more stirring power than other comparable products
wirbel mini   High quality Zero-stand-by power supply units for minimization of energy costs in the stand-by mode
wirbel mini   Regional suppliers warrant a high quality and a minimum environmental impact due to short transport routes
wirbel mini   Excellent price/performance with regard to trouble-free economic life of 10 years and more in daily use
wirbel mini   3 years warranty

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