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Explosion protected control unit for the connection of 1 stirring drive 2mag atexMIXdrive.

20 watts stirring power, speed range from 100 up to 2,000 rpm, jerk-free stirring even at low speeds, 4-step power setting.

Clear digital display for speed- and power settings, SoftStart for reliable catching/centering and safe accelerating of the stirring bar.

QuickSet for quick setting of start- and maximum speed, autom atic memory function to save the last settings, explosion protected housing, operation temperature up to +40°C, certified according to ATEX II 2G Ex db eb IIC T6 Gb.

2 years warranty on material and manufacturing, developed and made in Germany.

Hint: Control unit atexMIXcontrol and stirring drive atexMIXdrive are firmly connected!


Type atexMIXcontrol
Speed range 100 - 2,000 rpm
Stirring power (max.) 20 W
Power setting 5/10/15/20 W (4-step)
Housing material aluminum / plastics
Permitted operation conditions 0 up to +40 °C (at 80% humidity)
Electrical data 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz / 1,5 A
Dimensions (WxDxH) 360 x 460 x 200 mm
Protection category IP65
Ex-mark ATEX II 2G Ex db eb IIC T6 Gb
Weight (gross) approx. 18 kg
Order no. 99200

2 years warranty on material and manufacturing.
We reserve the right to make technical alterations. We do not assume liability for errors in printing or typeing.

Technisch identisch wieSTIRRING DRYBATH 15-100, jedoch mit 15 Bohrungen, ø 71,5 mm, Tiefe 78 mm, Abstand 84 mm, optimiert für 250 ml Laborflaschen und für 400 ml Bechergläser