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2mag Beautyshot glass highspeed
2mag Mini circuits Beautyshot
2mag MIXdrive 1 with MIXcontrol Product 1024
2mag STIRRING DRYBATH 8-250 ERL Detail Beautyshot
HOTPLATE-15--15-2 B
2mag MIX 4 MS Product
2mag STIRRING DRYBATH 15-100 Beautyshot white

Magnetic stirrers, reaction blocks and magnetic drive systems

   100% wear- and maintenance-free
   30% more stirring power than comparable systems
   Super-flat, space-saving stirring drives - ideal for robotics
   Made for permanent operations
   Heat resistant and submersible
   Synchronous speed at all stirring positions
   Zero-stand-by power supply units
   EasyLift shape for easy raising and safety for transportation
   Individual configurations fast and economic realizable
wirbel mini   3 years warranty
   Experience with inductive and magnetic drive concepts since 1974

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