Reducing adapter

AdapterRing-ProductInserts consisting of aluminium alloy for STIRRING DRYBATH 15-100 and STIRRING DRYBATH 15-250.

For reduction of the bore hole diameter, guarantees an excellent heat transfer in the case of using smaller glasses.

Individual inner diameter on request.




Type for DRYBATH 15-100 for DRYBATH 15-250
Outer dimensions (ØxH) Ø 57.5 x 47 mm Ø  71.5 x 78 mm
Inner diameter on request
Order no. on request

3 years warranty on material and manufacturing.
We reserve the right to make technical alterations. We do not assume liability for errors in printing or typeing.

Technisch identisch wie STIRRING DRYBATH 15-100, jedoch mit 15 Bohrungen, ø 71,5 mm, Tiefe 78 mm, Abstand 84 mm, optimiert für 250 ml Laborflaschen und für 400 ml Bechergläser